My name is Paris Xavier Pinkney, a Senior Software Engineer and UI/UX Designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Paris Xavier Pinkney is a Worldwide Developer Relations (WWDR) software engineer at Apple.

Prior to joining Apple in February 2019, Paris was Udemy's senior iOS developer and was responsible for improving the company’s native iOS and tvOS applications, including end-to-end management of Udemy’s content download engine, networking performance, and onboarding user experience.

Before Udemy, Paris was senior iOS engineer for Scribd and was responsible for implementing and maintaining product features such as audiobooks, sheet music, comics (deprecated), magazines and news articles (deprecated). He also revamped the user interface and experience for a variety of flows, including app intro, user onboarding, app subscriptions, payment processing, content authorization and digital rights management. It was during these crucial 4 years where he developed the fundamentals of computer science, algorithms, data structures, and design patterns, while also becoming active in the iOS community.

While at Scribd, Paris joined a non-profit organization called /dev/color, which brings together Black software engineers for networking, career advancement, and mentorships. This organization has been essential in realizing the need to give back to others who have similar backgrounds and are willing to start a career in the tech industry with or without a degree in computer science.

Previous to his work at Scribd, Paris was the lead product designer turned iOS engineer at Marqeta. Throughout the 4 years with the company, this role is where he would find his passion for logistics and curating the user experience by hand.

Paris also spent 3 years with Pepsi, most recently as special event coordinator where he led manufacturing and distribution functions, but initially as a graphic designer for Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Flagstaff.

Paris earned a Bachelor of Science from Northern Arizona University, where he was an elected official for the Delta Chi Fraternity.